SAVORIES AD: GOOD THRU 11/13 to 11/26/2020

Meat Bone-In Center-Cut Pork Loin Chops These Non-GMO pork chops are sensational seared and served with your favorite grain and a roasted vegetable side. 3.99 lb $1.50 Non-GMO, Local Company
Produce Cape blanco cranberries Grown in Port Orford on the southern Oregon Coast, these cranberries have a deep red color and tart flavor. For holiday recipe ideas, visit 12 oz 2.99 ea $1 ea Local Product
Kitchen Roasted Butternut Squash with Hazelnut Brittle Festive and flavorful, butternut squash wedges are tossed with seasonal spices and topped with a crunchy, hazelnut brittle. 8.99 lb Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Friendly
Bakery Pumpkin Bundt Cakes A seasonal delight! Our scratch-made pumpkin Bundt cake is oh-so-good! Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea for a real treat. 9.99 ea
Wine Timothy Malone Rosé Columbia Gorge A blend of Syrah and Grenache from the Columbia Gorge, this delightful Rosé is the perfect foil for turkey with red berry fruit, spice and refreshing acidity. 750 ml 13.99 $4 Local Product
Produce Oregon Heritage Farm Apple Cider This quintessential fall drink is 100% juice and free of preservatives and additives. Made in Hillsboro, Oregon. 64 oz 3.99 ea $1 ea Local Product
Produce Granny Smith Apples Known for their tart flavor and crisp texture, Granny Smith apples are perfect for pies and cobblers. 1.39 lb 60¢ lb
Produce Organic Brussels Sprouts Enjoy these versatile veggies in sweet and savory dishes, like a favorite bacon, cranberry and pine nuts bake. 4.99 lb Organic
Produce Organic Bunched Carrots Crunchy carrots are a good source of beta-carotene and fiber. Excellent for baking, juicing or snacking. 1.99 ea $1 ea Organic
Produce Northwest Grown Pears Your choice of Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, D’Anjou or Red Anjou pears. Ask a Market cheesemonger for pairing recommendations for your next cheese plate. 99¢ lb 60¢ lb Northwest
Meat Mary’s Organic Whole Turkey Great brined and roasted, this sustainably raised turkey can be the center of your Thanksgiving table. Fresh, organic, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free. 3.99 lb Organic, No Antibiotics Ever
Meat Boneless Spiral-Sliced Half Ham Uncured, fully cooked, Non-GMO heritage pork that is humanely raised. A wonderful main dish for your holiday meal. 7.99 lb Non-GMO
Meat Mary’s Free-Range Whole Turkey Free-range turkey that is antibiotic- and hormone-free. Bake, basting with butter, and serve with your favorite holiday sides. 2.99 lb No Antibiotics Ever
Meat Pork Breakfast Sausages Made by our Market Butchers with Non-GMO pork and our signature blend of of spices. Available in bulk or links. 4.99 lb $1 lb Non-GMO, Gluten-Free
Seafood Skuna Bay Salmon Fillets Raised in the ice-cold waters of Canada, this rich and buttery-flavored fillet is perfect for baking or pan-searing. 18.99 lb $1 lb
Seafood Shrimp Meat Small in size but big in culinary appeal, shrimp is great on a salad or for shrimp cocktails. 8.99 lb $4 lb
Seafood Spinach and Feta Stuffed Salmon Fillets Handcrafted by our Market fish mongers, salmon is stuffed with spinach, feta and sun-dried tomatoes then rolled into a pinwheel. Excellent baked. 16.99 lb
Seafood Market-Made Crab Cakes Your choice of classic or gluten free-friendly, made by our Market fish mongers with Dungeness and lump crab and panko crumbs. 5.99 ea
Grocery Franz Rolls and Stuffing Mix 13-18 oz 2.99 Local Product
Grocery Bob’s Red Mill Flour 5 lb 3.99 Local Product
Grocery Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar 16 oz 2 for $6 Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free
Grocery Dare Breton Crackers 4-8 oz 2.69
Grocery Polar Seltzers 12 pk 2 for $7 +dep
Grocery Jem Organics Nut Butters 15-16 oz 16.99 Organic, Local Product
Grocery Milkadamia Buttery Spread 8 oz 4.19 Vegan
Grocery Stahlbush Island Farms Vegetables 10 oz 2.29 Local Product, Non-GMO
Grocery Quorn Meatless Turk’y Roast 16 oz 6.49 Vegetarian, Gluten-Free
Wine Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Concentrated yet balanced with red and black fruits, slight creaminess in the mouth and bright acidity. 750 ml 18.99 $3 Local Product
Beer Cascade Brewing Winter Sage A collaboration of Market of Choice and Cascade Brewing, this tart, refreshing wheat ale-based beer is made with locally sourced ingredients when possible, including sage, tea, lemon peel, coriander and salt. 12 oz can 3.49 +dep $1 Local Product
Wine Division Nouveau An Oregon take on a Beaujolais specialty, this 100% Gamay from the Columbia Gorge is light and fruity with cranberry, red cherry and red berry notes. 750 ml 16.99 $3 Local Product
Gifts Norpro Springform Pan Create impressive cheesecakes and more with this nonstick springform pan, featuring durable steel construction. 8-inch 12.99 ea
Gifts Dreamfarm Kibble Lite Cheese Knife This innovative, multi-use kitchen tool has a non-stick blade with a stainless steel fork and soft rubber handle. Super handy for holiday cooking! 7.99 ea $2
Gifts Terra Cotta Succulents Low-maintenance succulents in attractive terra cotta pots make a thoughtful gift for any host or hostess. Choose from several varieties. 12.99 ea Local Product
Floral Eucalyptus and Greens Bouquets Locally grown by J. Bacon Farms in McMinnville, Oregon, these seasonal bouquets feature fragrant eucalyptus and rosemary. 9.99ea Local Product
Kitchen Yukon Gold and Butternut Squash Gratin Beautiful and scrumptious, potatoes and butternut squash are layered with cream and gruyere cheese. Simply decadent. 8.99 lb
Kitchen White Cheddar Truffle Mac & Cheese Creamy and indulgent, this mac & cheese is enrobed in white cheddar sauce with black truffles. Perfect for the Holidays! 1.5 lb 13.99 ea Vegetarian
Kitchen Cape Blanco Cranberry Orange Relish Made with locally grown cranberries from the southern Oregon Coast, this relish has a touch of orange and spice. 12 oz 6.99 ea Vegan, Gluten-Free Friendly
Kitchen Sage and Roasted Garlic Sweet Potatoes Sweet potato wedges enrobed in savory seasonal herbs and spices. Delicious! 8.99 lb Vegan, Gluten-Free Friendly
Kitchen Vanilla Cardamom Bread Pudding with Dried Fruits and Brandy Rich, warm spices with pops of boozy fruit. Just right for the holidays! 7.99 lb Vegetarian
Bakery Caramel Apple Tart Baked apples nestled in a shortbread crust, topped with caramel and walnuts. This delectable dessert looks lovely when sliced and served. 11-inch 24.99 ea
Bakery Cranberry Walnut Bread Cranberries, cinnamon and walnuts are chopped into our buttery egg bread. Beautiful and delicious, it makes an amazing breakfast option! 4.99 ea
Bakery Cranberry Spelt Scones A customer favorite with a seasonal twist! Sweet-tart cranberries are added to our hearty spelt scones. 8 ct 7.99 ea
Cheese Carr Valley Bread Cheese Based on a Finnish recipe, this rich and hearty delicacy can be baked, grilled, microwaved or sautéed until golden brown. 13.99 lb $1 lb Gluten-Free
Cheese Champignon Cambozola A creamy triple-cream Brie that melts on the tongue and delights the palate with notes of blue. Or choose Brie with Mushroom. 19.99 lb Up To $5 lb
Kitchen Roasted Whole Chicken Juicy and tender, our whole roasted chicken makes a quick and delicious main course. Vegetarian-fed, no hormones and no antibiotics ever. Choose Plain, Lemon Pepper, Tandori and more. Available hot or cold. 7.99 ea $1 ea No Antibiotics Ever, Gluten-Free Friendly
Kitchen Genoa Salami This sensational salami, with flavor notes of garlic, black pepper and wine, is perfect for the holidays. 12.99 lb $2 lb
Bakery Pecan Crunch Coffee Cake Tender vanilla coffee cake with a scrumptious crown of brown sugar and pecan streusel. Serves 6. 8-inch 9.99 ea
Bakery Cranberry Granola Cookies We take our oatmeal cookies to a whole new level with the addition of cinnamon and cranberries. A seasonal delight! Doz 9.99 ea
Grocery Martinelli’s Sparkling Ciders 25.4 oz 2.99 +dep
Grocery Cento Tomatoes 28 oz 2 for $4
Grocery Wild Harvest Organic Broths and Stocks 32 oz 2 for $5 Organic
Grocery Essential Everyday Evaporated Milk 12 oz 2 for $3
Grocery Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup 12.7 oz 11.99 Organic
Grocery The Shepherd’s Grain Wheat Flour 5 lb 2.99 Non-GMO, Local Product
Grocery Vegan Rob’s Puffs 3.5 oz 2 for $5 Gluten-Free, Vegan
Grocery Wasa Crispbreads 9 oz 2 for $6 Non-GMO
Grocery Theo Organic Chocolate Bars 3 oz 2 for $5 Organic
Grocery Organic Valley Shreds 6 oz 3.99 Organic
Grocery Green Valley Creamery Cultured Butter 16 oz 5.69
Grocery Hansen’s Natural and Diet Sodas 6 pk 2 for $7 +dep
Grocery Bonafide Provisions Organic Bone Broths 24 oz 7.29 Organic, Gluten-Free
Grocery Mamie’s Pocket Pies 4 oz 2 for $5
Whole Health Boiron Oscillococcinum Reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms, such as fever, body aches and headache, with this quick-dissolving homeopathic medicine. 6 dose Save 30%
Whole Health Phillip Adam Shampoos and Conditioners Hair care products based on a refined apple vinegar formula that’s gentle and nourishing. Chemical-free, biodegradable and great for everyday use. Save 20%
Whole Health Vega Sport Nighttime Rest and Repair Support muscle repair with plant-based protein and essential amino acids while you sleep, with the help of magnesium and non-habit-forming melatonin. Save 25% Gluten-Free, Non-GMO