SAVORIES AD: GOOD THRU 10/16 to 10/29/2020

Meat & Seafood Lamb Shoulder Blade
Use these well-marbled chops to create mouthwatering meals. Hormone- and antibiotic-free lamb that’s grass-fed and raised in  the Willamette Valley. 5.99 lb $2 lb Local Product, No Antibiotics Ever, Hormone Free, 100% Grass Fed
Meat & Seafood Bone-In Split
Chicken Breasts
 A versatile option for any meal, this chicken is Northwest-raised, Non-GMO, antibiotic-free and vegetarian-fed. 2.79 lb $2.90 lb No Antibiotics Ever, Non-GMO, Northwest
Meat & Seafood Stuffed Flank Steaks Made in-house using Pacific Northwest-raised beef that’s stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and gorgonzola cheese. 14.99 lb $1 lb Northwest
Meat & Seafood Herb-Crusted Pork Tenderloins Non-GMO pork tenderloins, coated in-house with a blend  of spices, including basil and oregano. 5.99 lb $2 lb Non-GMO
Meat & Seafood Atlantic Salmon Fillets This clean catch has a rich and buttery flavor that’s perfect
pan-seared or baked.
19.99 lb
Produce Juici Apples This Honeycrisp-Braeburn cross has a nice balance  of sweet and tart and an amazing crunch.  Chop for salads or dry for apple chips. 1.49 lb
Produce Organic Garnet Yams Yams are highly versatile, easy to prepare  and packed with vitamins A and C, iron,  potassium, fiber and beta-carotene. 1.99 lb Organic
Produce Large Pomegranates The red, juicy gems found inside these fantastic fruits add crunch  to salads, yogurts and whole-grain dishes. 2.99 ea
Produce Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes Use these tasty taters for our online recipe, Smashed Potatoes with Raclette Cheese. It’s sure to be a new fall favorite! 1.49 lb Organic
Produce Oregon Pears Delicious baked, poached or raw, pears are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. Enjoy these Bartlett, Bosc, D’Anjou, Starkrimson or Comice pears  in baked goods or as part of a fall cheese board! 1.49 lb Local Product
Grocery California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin
Olive Oil
33.8 oz 15.99 $5 Non-GMO
Grocery R.W. Knudsen Family Cider and Spice 96 oz 6.99 $2 Non-GMO
Grocery One Stripe Chai Co.
Masala Chai
Boldly spiced One Stripe Spicy Chai  Concentrate is a fantastic fusion of organic spices –   black peppercorn, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg,  cardamom and cloves – combined with black tea  and jaggery for a truly authentic chai experience.  Crafted in Portland, One Stripe Chai and its name  is a nod to the “basic training” it takes to create  something extraordinary, using simple ingredients.  Choose Original or Unsweetened to mix with your  choice of milk with a 1:1 ratio, then enjoy! 32 oz 7. 99 $7 Local Product
Grocery Wild Harvest  Organic Broths 32 oz 2 for $5 Organic
Grocery Polar Seltzers 12 pk  3.99+dep
Grocery Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa 12 oz 6.99 Non-GMO, Organic
Grocery alessi Authentico Premium Soups 4-6 oz 2 for $5
Grocery Mina Tagine Sauces 12 oz 5.49
Grocery Kettle Brand Potato Chips 13 oz 2 fo r$7 Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Local Product
Grocery Groundwork  Organic Cold Brew Coffees 12 oz 3.99+dep Organic
Grocery Lisanatti Foods Cheese Alternatives 8 oz 3.29 Local Company, Vegan
Grocery Keto Pints Keto Ice Cream 1 pt 4.99 Local Product
Beverage Goodfellow
Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley
Delicious Pinot from dry-farmed  vineyards that has notes of thyme, lavender,  rose petal, bing cherry and cranberry with  some wet earth tones underneath.
92 points from Wine Advocate.
750 ml 19.99 lb $2 Local Product
Beverage pFriem Export Lager A well-balanced beer with malty  sweetness, floral hops and restrained  bitterness that has notes of pear, honeysuckle  and white pepper. Excellent with Olympia  Provisions Knackwurst. 16.9 oz 3.49+dep $1.50 Local Product
Beverage Portland Cider Outstanding craft cider from Portland, Oregon. Portland Cider is donating $2 per six-pack case to  Hunger-Free Oregon. 6 pk 11.49+dep $2.50 Local Product
Bakery Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
These soft, cake-like pumpkin cookies studded with chocolate chips are an addicting seasonal delight. 6 ct 6.99 ea $2 ea
Bakery Monster Cupcakes These monsters are packaged to go and ready for fun. Available in chocolate or white cake topped with colorful buttercream with fondant accents. 2 ct 1.99 ea $1 ea
Bakery Pumpkin Rolls Savory pumpkin rolls,  made with real pumpkin for  a soft, tender crumb and  topped with pumpkin seeds. Doz 3.99 ea $1 ea
Bulk Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds These nutrient-packed nuts are a versatile choice for snacking, baking and cooking. 6.99 lb $2 lb Local Product
Bulk Cinnamon Roasted Pecans Scrumptious pecans roasted with ground cinnamon and real vanilla. Sensational for salads! 9.99 lb $4.80 lb Local Product
Bulk Organic Mt. Bachelor Trail Mix A delightful mix of sweet and tart with dried fruits, crunchy nuts and decadent white  chocolate. SA 7.99 lb $2.70 lb Local Product, Organic
Whole Health Vital Proteins Collagen Lattes Stir, sip and savor wellness with 10 grams of collagen, organic ashwagandha and MCTs in every cup. Choose from a variety  of delicious flavors. Save 20%
Whole Health Boiron Chestal Syrups Temporarily relieve coughs, congestion
and other cold-like symptoms with this  homeopathic remedy.
Select varieties.
Save 30%
Whole Health Gaia Herbs High-quality herbs, grown organically, sustainably  and intentionally, by a Certified B Corporation that’s  also Oregon Tilth certified. Select varieties. Save 20% Organic
Home & Gift DANI Naturals Soy Candles DANI Naturals Soy Candles
Made in Bend, these calming candles are crafted with 100% soy wax and pure cotton wicks for soot-free  sensory experience. Choose from Warm Spice, Winter Pear or White Pine candles in earth-friendly recyclable containers,
packaged with bio-degradable materials.
19.99 ea Vegan, Local Product
Cheese Olympia Provisions Portland’s own Olympia Provisions has earned a reputation for making some of the best traditional charcuterie in the United States. Try Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Italian Sausage, Käsenkrainer, Keilbasa, Chorizo or their new
12 oz 7.99 ea $2 ea Local Product
Cheese Beecher’s Cheeses From one of the original Pacific Northwest cheese pioneers!  New Woman Cheddar, Flagship Cheddar, 4-Year Cheddar,  Smoked Cheddar, Just Jack, Marco Polo or Dulcet. 16.99 lb UP TO $8 lb
Kitchen Pumpkin Turkey
They’re back! This delicious autumn entrée features roasted turkey breast, pumpkin and butternut squash, pepper jack cheese and our own enchilada sauce,  all wrapped in tender corn tortillas. 8.99 lb $2 lb Gluten-Free
Kitchen Creamy White Lasagna
with Mushrooms, Spinach and Chard
Hearty and flavorful, this comforting cold-weather  dish is fantastic for fall! 7.99 lb $1 lb Vegetarian
Kitchen German Potato Salad A hearty red potato salad with smoky bacon and onions with  a cider and mustard dressing. 6.99 lb  $2 lb Gluten-Free
Cheese Girl Meets Dirt Preserves Unique and vibrant, heritage cutting preserves from the Orcas Islands. Choose from  Italian Plum, Pink Bartlett, Ruby Red Apple or Quince. 4.5 oz 8.99 ea $3 ea Local Product
Cheese Dorothy’s Comeback Cow
Soft-Ripened Cheese
This bloomy little beauty has a rich, custardy interior and a striking, flower-shaped rind. 7 oz 10.99 ea
Bakery Tartistes Vegan Fruit Pies ake your pick of Apple, Blueberry Rhubarb or Cherry Apple pies, made with high-quality vegan ingredients. 8-inch 12.99 ea Vegan
Barista Golden Fire Tea Latte This turmeric-spiced tea is akin to golden milk with its anti-inflammatory properties.
Any of the milks we offer pair well with the Indian spices found in this tea – choose your favorite!
20 oz 3 $1 ea
Grocery Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes 14-15 oz 2 for $3 Organic
Rao’s Homemade
Pasta Sauces
24 oz 8.29
Palmini Pastas 14 oz 3.69 Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
Alessi Autentico Pastas 16 oz 2.69
Annie’s Homegrown Mac & Cheese 5-6 oz 5 for $5
Epic Snack Strips 0.8 oz 2 for $3 Gluten-Free
Sabor Mexicano Home Made
Tortilla Chips
12 oz 4.99 Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO
Schär Gluten-Free Breads 13-14 oz 5.49 Gluten-Free
Endangered Species
Chocolate Bars
3 oz 2.79
Lily’s Chocolate Bars 2-3 oz 3.49
Chobani Yogurts 5.3 oz 2 for $3
GoodBelly Organic Probiotic
Juice Drinks
32 oz 2.99 Vegan, Organic
Gardein Meatless Meals 8-13 oz 3.99 Vegetarian, Non-GMO
Luvo Performance Kitchen Meals 9 oz 4.29 Non-GMO
Mineral Fusion Shampoos and Conditioners Nourish and hydrate hair with cruelty-free  shampoos and conditioners,
made without gluten, parabens,
talc, artificial colors, synthetic  fragrances or phthalates.
Save 20% Gluten-Free
Island Thyme Lip Care Gluten-free lip balms to repair and care for lips in several tasty flavors. Get one for you and one for a friend! Save 25% Gluten-Free
Run Gum Energy Gum A quick and easy way to boost your day, this caffeinated  gum was created by track and field phenomenon  Nick Symmonds and his coach, Sam Lapray.
Made in Eugene.
Save 20% Local Product